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Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules 5.4 lbs


SKU: 13850060

Don't pull weeds and grasses, prevent them! Introducing Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules, a granular weed and grass preventer that won't harm your plants, when used as directed. Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules can be applied around established trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, ornamental grass, bulbs, and bedding plants. Want to know the best part? The product creates a weed barrier that lasts up to 8 months (see directions for treated weeds)! Applying Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules couldn't be any easier. Simply sprinkle the product around your plants at rate of 3⁄4 oz. (2 Tbsp) per 10 sq. ft., rake it into the top inch of soil, then activate it by lightly watering-in. To make the application process even more seamless, Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules features a built-in applicator that provides even coverage. For best results, the product should be applied in the spring and before mulching. Outsmart weeds before they appear with Roundup® Weed Barrier Granules.

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