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Dewalt Atomic Compact Series™ 30 ft. Tape Measure (30 ft)


SKU: 27330125

Product Overview

The ATOMIC COMPACT SERIES™ Tape Measure is Where Size Meets Power™. Our new line of ATOMIC COMPACT SERIES™ Tape Measures delivers on durability and reach, with a compact design that gives you more control when measuring. Our first integrated finger brake gives you better blade control to get the job done quicker and more efficiently. The 13 ft. of max reach* ensures you can get the job done on your own, and the fractional blade graphics help make measurements quick and easy.


  • 13 FT. MAX REACH*: Straighter and stronger for improved efficiency
  • 20% MORE COMPACT GRIP**: For improved ergonomics and control
  • INTEGRATED FINGER BRAKE: For improved blade control
  • FRACTIONAL BLADE GRAPHICS for quick and easy measuring
  • DURABLE BLADE COATING for longer blade life


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