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Ledlenser H7R Core Headlamp


SKU: 10801629


The H7R Core is a versatile headlamp – powerful with up to 1000 lumens, durable and continuously dimmable. The Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System allows you to focus the light beam as a spot or flood, without losing quality of light. The 130-degree rotating lamp head, quick magnetic charging and extreme dust and water protection make the H7R Core a reliable multi-purpose portable light.

Advanced Focus System: Can focus the light beam as a spot or flood, without losing quality of light
Rechargeable: Save money, batteries and reduce environmental impact
Magnetic Charge System: Safe reliable charging that is quick and easy to use
Swivel lamp head: Provides 130 degree rotation
Temperature Control System: Keeps light from overheating so it can run brighter and longer
Flex Sealing Technology: Provides superior protection against dust and water (IP67)
Front Switch: A switch on the head of the light for easy control
Dimmable: Seamless adjustment of the luminosity
Transport Lock: Will not turn on accidentally and use up battery
7 Year Warranty: Be confident that we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products

The H7R Core comes with a charge indicator, battery status indicator and low battery warning so you always know where you stand on power

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