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40-Lb. Pelletized Lawn Lime

40-Lb. Pelletized Lawn Lime

Soil Doctor

SKU: 13805858

Like our bodies, thriving lawns need food (fertilizer) and essential vitamins/minerals like calcium and magnesium (from limestone). Many of us know to fertilize our lawns (feed them) but what if our lawns are acidic? That is, our soil is acidic in nature or "sour". Everyone has heard of the pH of our swimming pool water, we also need to check our lawn's pH or measure of acidity. Soil Doctor Lawn Lime, or Limestone, is a natural soil amendment which helps to enhance the "living soil". Just as your lawn needs food (fertilizer), it also needs vitamins and essential minerals like calcium and magnesium which are found in Soil Doctor Limestone. As an additional benefit, by incorporating lime into your lawn care program, your lawn will better utilize fertilizer treatments. Soil Doctor Lawn Lime has been pelletized to make spreading virtually dust-free, while still being fast and easy using any lawn spreader.

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