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Black Swan's Anchor Flange Kit

Black Swan

SKU: 15540974

Black Swan's Anchor Flange Kit is used to repair and stabilize a wobbling toilet caused by a broken flange. Simply bolt onto existing broken floor flange and into surrounding floor. Includes flange, screws & inserts.
Turn off water supply and remove toilet.

Remove all of old wax seal ring from old flange.

Center the Anchor Flange under the broken section of the toilet flange.

Using the screws and inserts provided, install the Anchor Flange to floor. Using the washers provided to balance the Anchor Flange and to keep the flange away from the floor. This allows room to insert toilet screws.

The Anchor Flange may be cut and shaped as needed.

Insert toilet screws, install wax ring on toilet, and remount toilet.

Install and tighten toilet screws - Do not over tighten.

Turn on water and test toilet for proper balance.

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