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Black Swan's No-Hub Sealant 1 Quart

Black Swan's No-Hub Sealant 1 Quart

Black Swan

SKU: 16810749

Black Swan's No-Hub Sealant is an amber colored, smooth flowing, semi-viscous liquid for use as a coating on black pipe to improve leak-free sealing of no-hub couplings. The high performance polymer resin compound is elastic and resists vibration and temperature change. It is a fast drying sealant that cures by solvent evaporation resulting in an elastic membrane that adheres to both pipe and coupling gasket, providing a flexible adherent membrane coating. Gaskets on nonporous surfaces may be taken apart at anytime without injury to sealed surface. Temperature range use from -65° F to 400° F (continuous use).

May be used on aluminum, brass, steel, copper, epoxies, plated metal, fiberglass, black pipe, galvanized pipe, glass, wood, paper, felt and cork. Should not be applied on painted surfaces, or plastic pipes, such as PVC, CPVC, or ABS.

Resistant to motor oils, hydraulic fluids, water, steam, diesel fuel oils, aviation fuels, aliphatic solvents (petroleum distillates), antifreeze, and gasoline. Conforms to MIL-S-45180D.

No-Hub Sealant becomes tacky in 3 to 5 minutes. The connection will be ready for service in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.

Indefinite when stored in unopened can in cool place. Recommended storage temperature from 40° F to 80° F.

Clean pipe of dirt and debris.
Apply liberal coat of Black Swan No-Hub Sealant to pipe.
Assemble joint quickly while No-Hub Sealant is still wet.
Allow 10 - 15 minutes before testing joints.
Pressure test often so as to eliminate possible large failures.

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