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Black Swan's Water Wow!™ 6 oz.

Black Swan

SKU: 15541626

Black Swan's Water Wow!™ can be used wherever water needs to be removed. Ideal for use in toilet removal. If you have large puddles of water on the ground, sprinkle Water Wow! on the puddle and watch the water jell. You can easily remove the jelled water. If you have a clogged drain and water is in the sink, sprinkle Water Wow! on water, watch the water jell then remove the jelled water and then introduce your drain pipe opener to unclog the drain.

Sodium Polyacrylate (CAS #9003-04-7).

For toilet bowl removal.

1. Shut off water supply to toilet.
2. Remove as much water from toilet as possible by flushing or other means.
3. Pour approximately .6 oz. of Black Swan Water Wow!™ into remaining water for small toilets or approximately 1.2oz. of Black Swan Water Wow!™ for larger toilets.
4. Allow 5 minutes for water to solidify.
5. Remove toilet.

To Reconnect Toilet Bowl.

1. Always use Black Swan Wax Bowl Rings, Closet Bolts and Stay Soft Putty for best results.
2. Reconnect water supply to toilet.
3. Fill toilet tank with water and flush.
4. Let water sit in toilet bowl for a few minutes. Jelled water will liquefy and can now be flushed away.

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