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MaxPower Precision Trimmer Line

MaxPower Precision Trimmer Line

MaxPower Precision Parts

SKU: 12237483

MaxPower's RoundCut Trimmer Line is made from sturdy nylon components - great for homeowner/residential use. Proudly manufactured in the USA and available in a wide variety of diameters, this trimmer line provides consumers with a quality cutting line at an economical price.

SquareCut Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

For the commercial users and those with larger residential areas, MaxPower's SquareCut trimmer line is perfect for those Heavy Duty trimming jobs. This line is manufactured in the USA and specially formulated from premium co-polymer blends to be stronger, last longer and cut better.

Twister Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

MaxPower's Twisted Trimmer Line is designed to be the quietest, toughest, best-cutting and longest-lasting trimmer line on the market today. Our line is MADE IN THE USA from commercial grade, premium, Co-polymer resins. The high-impact graphics and optic yellow line color will make this line fly from your shelves.

Twisted Line Features:

  • Less line drag
  • Longer Wear
  • Significant improvement in energy efficiency
  • Up to 50% noise reduction in larger diameter lines
  • Decreased vibration
  • More impact power

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