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Rain Bird Dual Spray Matched Precipitation Rate Nozzle 9' - 12'

Rain Bird Dual Spray Matched Precipitation Rate Nozzle 9' - 12'

Rain Bird

SKU: 14045447

Rain Bird Dual Spray Matched Precipitation Rate Nozzle, Adjustable 9' to 12' Spray Distance.

This nozzle features two spray orifices for improved close-in watering and more uniform water distribution.

Unique patented undercut design cuts watering times and reduces water waste in windy conditions.

Areas close to the head receive even coverage minimizing dry brown spots.

Non-corrosive plastic and stainless steel construction for long life. Stainless steel adjustment screw adjusts flow rate and spray distance from 9' to 12'.

Nozzle fits all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters.

Fine mesh filter screen maintains precise radius adjustment and protects bottom orifice from debris. Trusted for decades, Rain Bird MPR Nozzles feature Matched Precipitation Rate water distribution technology.

Nozzles with varying arcs and radii can be mixed on the same zone regardless of spray adjustment and still maintain even water distribution rate. MPR nozzles are designed to provide uniform coverage, ensuring that your lawn is green throughout, with no dry or brown spots.

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