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Zenith High Speed HDMI Cable,  VH1006HD

Zenith High Speed HDMI Cable, VH1006HD


SKU: 10905842

The Zenith High Speed HDMI Cable, 3' provides up to 1080p resolution and supports 7.1 audio format for a theater-like experience. It fully supports all compressed digital audio formats while providing all uncompressed digital video and audio signals. This cable allows an HDTV to reach its full picture potential with a wide spectrum of colors to create the most natural picture possible.
Supports all digital audio formats
Dedicated HDMI Ethernet channel
1080P resolution
Supports 3D and 4K
Available in:
3 Foot - Model #VH1003HD
6 Foot - Model #VH1006HD
12 Foot - Model #VH1012HD